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GSA Schedules

The government purchases billions of dollars each year on products and services.  The vehicle that gives you the ability to sell your products and services to the government is through a GSA Schedule.  Getting a GSA Schedule is time consuming and difficult but the opportunities may outweigh the allocation of resources to reach this goal.  View the comprehensive List of GSA Schedules. It displays all GSA and VA Schedules. Click on the Schedule number in the “Source” column to view the categories of supplies and services available.  Donato Consulting Inc. can help you determine if your company is eligible for a GSA Schedule and then help you complete the necessary proposal to get approved with the GSA.  Once on schedule the government can purchase items directly from you with ease.  All of the price negotiations have been done and the government is ready to buy.  Contact Donato Consulting Inc. to find out how we can help you get into this lucrative market.

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