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Government Proposal Development

Donato Consulting Inc. provides assistance to businesses interested in branching out into government contracting or for those companies looking to secure additional business with the government. To do business with the government a company usually responds to an RFP (Request for Proposal) or a bid. An RFP is document that shares detailed proprietary information to the government agency that is soliciting proposals. In order to make an award, agencies requesting this proprietary information need specific details before they can award the contract. The government is always looking to get the best price and terms but they are willing to give up some of this in favor of service and quality.

The RFP is a formal competitive sealed bid process. The RFP outlines the requirements of the government entity by describing the purpose, scope, description, minimum requirements or expectations, qualifications or capability of the proposers, evaluation criteria, and other requirements. In the RFP response, the vendor offers a solution for the particular need described in the RFP. The RFP is evaluated according to predetermined weighted standards. After evaluation, discussions with qualified vendors may be allowed to explain or clarify proposals and for a “Best and Final Offer.” After completion of the RFP process negotiations may, in some circumstances, be utilized to secure more advantageous terms or reduced cost for the government entity.

Once you begin addressing all of the requirements that are described in the RFP, the biggest challenge you will have is to figure out and write into your response what motivates the agency to make the contract awards. Your business should be presented in the best light possible, highlighting your strengths and then giving the rationale why the government should purchase from you rather than your competitors.

The hardest part about approaching the government market is uncovering as much information about the service that the government is looking for and who is currently performing this service. If you are writing a proposal for the first time then this will be a difficult project. Those companies who have been successful will tell you that in order to win bids; you must write a lot of proposals. Most companies don’t have the manpower or time to pursue this workload. When pursuing government projects, you need to weigh your options closely before you begin writing a response for an RFP. If part of the contract doesn’t match your company’s best interests or you can’t deliver on part of the contract, the smartest move may be to concentrate your resources elsewhere.


Donato Consulting Inc. specializes in working with companies in the development of government proposals.  We will help you determine if the solicitation is the correct one for your company and show you how to proceed.

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