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Business/Strategic Plan Development

Donato Consulting, Inc. understands the value of developing a Business Plan for the start-up or growth oriented business.  A business plan is your roadmap to success and serves as a platform to launch or grow your business.  Without that foundation a business may not be able to take the appropriate steps build up the business.  This is also important when seeking investors to fund your growth.

The Strategic Plan is a very important business activity.  It serves as a framework for defining the company’s direction and is useful for making decisions on how the company will allocate its resources to pursue this strategy.  This is an important step in the process of long-term planning with a focus on end goals and objectives.

Utilizing both of these tools will aid in analyzing the organization and its environment as it is today and defining the correct strategies to meet future goals.  It also helps with the development of the objectives necessary to achieve the goals that can be easily transferred into action plans.

Donato Consulting Inc. has 20 years of Business and Strategic Planning for small to mid-level businesses.  Call us today to see what we can do for your business.

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